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Digital Marketing Services

As a comprehensive digital marketing and web development firm, we offer services that range from managing your Google Ads campaigns to designing and developing your website. Our mission is to empower your business to achieve its online marketing objectives.

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Website Development and

Dive into digital with us, where websites aren’t just built, they’re engineered to thrive in the competitive ecosystem of the internet. Our approach transcends traditional design concepts, and focuses on user experience, search engine traction, and conversion optimization. We’ll create a platform that both stands out and stands the tests of time and trends, and propels your business into the spotlight.

Search Engine Optimization

Navigate the digital depths with Ocean Swell Digital’s SEO mastery. We optimize every element of your website with unparalleled finesse, ensuring high visibility in the ranks of search engines. Our optimization guides users to your brand, and transforms searches into meaningful customer engagement and long-standing loyalty.

Website Maintenance and

Immerse your website in the security of our digital harbor, where uninterrupted functionality meets cutting-edge technology. The reliability of our hosting services and commitment to active maintenance shields your online presence against the rough seas of the internet and ensures smooth sailing for your visitors.

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Branding and Design

From the foundational website framework to the most intricate graphic elements, our full-spectrum branding and design services will craft an aesthetic that captivates and communicates your brand’s story with impact and elegance. Embrace a visual identity that resonates and inspires.

Social Media Marketing

We provide a holistic approach to content creation, encompassing everything from content strategy and copywriting to coding, to ensure that you establish a strong connection with your customers across social media platforms. Our expertise enables you to effectively engage with your target audience and drive meaningful interactions that build loyalty and contribute to your brand’s success.

Google Ads

Capture the attention of potential customers at the very moment they’re looking. Our Google Ads strategies are meticulously developed to place your brand at the forefront of relevant searches — maximizing visibility, magnifying reach, and merging paths with customers who seek exactly what you have to offer.

History in the Industry

Leveraging an MBA and over 15 years of experience in strategic digital marketing, Andrew Bernhart guides your business using in-depth industry insights and expert digital marketing tactics, ensuring your business excels in a competitive landscape.

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